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About us

Think Office Equipment – Think Progress Office – EVERYTHING your business needs to progress!


We are your go-to supplier for all your Office equipment needs – let us make your work life easier. From office supplies to office furniture and automation technology, you name it we probably have it!


We are all about getting personal, we pride ourselves on our expert, personal service and point of contact. You are NOT just a number to us, we want to get to know you, build a relationship with you and be on your speed dial in any office equipment emergency.

Our Core Values

Hyper Personalisation and customer experience are two core values of Progress Office. By choosing us to be your office products supplier, you will receive only the finest service from your very own Product Office Point of contact and you can have peace of mind knowing your office will run smoothly with help from us.

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Office Automation

Your office wouldn’t run without it, increase your work efficiency and take a lock at our range of office automation equipment.  We stock and supply a wide range of office machinery. Have look at our products.

Office Furniture

Take a look at our range of office furniture, from admin desks and workstations to office chairs and storage, all at wonderful prices.We can help your office to look stylish while being practical at the same time.

Office Supplies

You need supplies… call us, your personal product office supplies manager will be right there waiting for your call, full of friendly advice about our supplies range from, stationary, board accessories, carpet protectors, easy rails to display systems, office boards and storage boxes.

Office Stationary
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